An Unsolicited Letter...

Dear Dr. Scott Ringler,

I absolutely love the Warrior P.T. program, it is exactly what I was looking for to step up my workout to the next level and beyond.  Having played sports all my life and being taught and trained in the "old school" weight training regiments, this program was just what my body and mind needed.  

After reading the book and viewing the video I did one of the novice workouts suggested in the back.  The Hindu push-ups gave a workout 100 times better than any traditional weight lifting workout.  I kid you not, I could feel my body  responding in just one workout, my legs, chest, shoulders and abs were worked out like they had never been before, absolutely amazing.  And all the other secrets that you reveal, like the steel stomach technique and the animal cardio are just absolutely amazing.  

The Warrior P.T. program has changed the way I workout and is getting me in the best shape of my life and I can't Thank You enough. 


Richard Wallen
Yukon, Oklahoma


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