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  1. Assume the starting position with your hands shoulder width apart, your feet spread wide, your butt up in the air, and your eyes looking at your feet.

  2. In a circular, arching movement, bend your arms and lower yourself so that your chest and stomach almost sweep the ground and you end up with your back arched, arms straight, and eyes looking up at the ceiling.  Exhale through this movement deeply.

  3. Inhale deeply as you push back and return to starting position #1 (there is no need to reverse back through the arching/sweeping movement.  Simply push straight back into starting position.)

  4. Repeat this movement in a fluid manner as many times as you can.

Note:  This is another of my favorite exercises because it strengthens the shoulder throughout a complete range of motion and strengthens the smaller intrinsic muscles of the shoulder to help build a more well-rounded strength.  This exercise also strengthens and stretches out your spine and internal organs.  The circular/arcing pattern of the exercise also has a flow to it that when combined with deep breathing can really help build endurance and enhance health.  Martial artists have been doing these for centuries to boost strength, vitality, flexibility, health, and even sex drive.

If you need to rest during the exercise, rest only for a short while in the starting / “up” position.

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