A brief note from Dr. Scott Ringler...

How would you like to have a personal trainer?

If you're reading this Web site, the answer is obviously "yes".  On the other hand, you may not have the $300-800 per month to spend on a trainer.

That's where Warrior P.T. comes in.  I know how important it is to train properly.  When I was Capt. of the U.S. Army Competitive Martial Arts Team at West Point, I had access to the best training and best trainers in the world bar none.  That's how I came to realize that Bodyweight Exercises are the ultimate workout.

Warrior P.T. is precisely what you'd get from a high-priced personal trainer.  You've seen the TV shows and video clips.  The trainer puts you in a room by yourself, with no machines or weights (maybe a medicine ball), and has you perform exercises that work you like nothing else you've ever tried.  You've heard the stories. "Every muscle ached later"... because every muscle was worked!  That's what Bodyweight Exercise is all about!

In the Warrior P.T. book, I've put together all the best bodyweight exercises I  have personally used in over 20 years.  And in the video, I show you precisely how to perform them.

Even though I personally no longer compete, I do stay in shape, and I do personally coach and train a few individuals who do compete regularly.  Warrior P.T. workouts are what I use to stay in shape, and what they use to attain the high level of competitive fitness they need to stay in the game.

I am always amazed at how people will spend money when it comes to an expensive cup of coffee, the latest music CD, or the latest Fast Food Burger; but when it comes to health and fitness they won't fork out a dime.  Eighty bucks (even $150) is nothing to change your life and get spoon fed the greatest fitness secrets of all time.  I spent thousands of Dollars to get the information that I am "giving away" in Warrior P.T.

Warrior P.T. is the real deal. Get it, and get fighting fit.

If you are a member of our armed services, you may have a coupon in the back the latest copy of the "Uniform Guide".  This will give you even a greater savings.  Simply, enter this coupon code at the check out page and watch the price drop even more.