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Warrior P.T. - Comprehensive Bodyweight Exercise Program for Total Fitness

warrior p.t. bodyweight exercise book video

A Bodyweight Exercise
Program for Total Fitness

Get into shape fast! Simultaneous improvement in all areas: 


What kind of exercises are in Warrior P.T.?

In this manual and on the DVD you will find a variety of exercises designed to get the WHOLE body into AWESOME shape:

aPush-Ups like you have never seen before -- over 15 different kinds.

aForgotten Leg Exercises rich in Martial Art history.

a"Animal" Cardio  Movements that will raise your cardio to incredible levels.

aState-of-the-art Plyometric exercises used by today's top athletes for explosive power - for jumps,
kicks, punches & swings

a"Core" Strength" exercises (a strong back and a stomach that will
feel like it is chiseled out of steel).

aCardiovascular exercises that will cut your workout time in half and give you double the results (No B.S.)  

These are the same exercises used by world class fighters, athletes, and movie stars -- the people who make their living by being in great shape.  Why more people don't know about them, I don't know.







  • muay tai boxer fighterBALANCE

Improve your performance in any type of sport or martial arts.  Or just get into the best shape of your life!


  • 128-Page, Perfect-Bound Book Detailing Each Exercise,
    w/over 100 Photos

  • DVD with Video Demos
    of All Exercises

  • Plus 4 Special FREE Bonus Gifts --  Techniques on:

    • Low-Back Strength

    • Sexual Vitality

    • Power Breathing Techniques

    • A Simple Diet Trick That Will Change Your Life!


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These exercises look real hard.  Can a beginner do them?
Yes and Yes! These exercises will give you the most demanding workout of your life -- if you want it.  I've also taken care to show how a beginner can approach each exercise safely, as well as how an expert can make them more challenging.

Don't people get bored of "old school" calisthenics like these?
Warrior P.T. contains over 40 exercises, and dozens of variations putting the total at well over a hundred.  You would never do all the exercises in a single workout.  Each day you can pick a few.  I've also included over a dozen workout guides.  You'll never get bored because your workout will change as often as you want.  And remember, each motion is a new challenge because you're moving your own unsupported body.  If you want to get bored, run through the same circuit at the gym, pushing the same levers every day.

Why is Bodyweight Training better than using Machines at the Gym?
It's really a shame that this is even a question.  But it shows how people can be swayed by many years of advertising. It's like asking why is water a better thirst quencher than Coca Cola. The best answer is to start by talking about what is wrong with all those machines in the gym.

Weight machines are designed purely for cosmeticsThe motions of pushing those handles have no corollary to real life situations. (Think about that sentence!)

Machines isolate single muscles or small groups.  Machines cause your body to become UN-balanced. In this way they often cause more damage than they do good.  In real life, your muscles NEVER work in isolation.  As you sit there clicking your mouse, your muscles in your gut and legs continuously  compensate for every tiny change in your balance. This is how your body keeps all the muscles, tendons, and joints healthy. Isolating a single muscle is asking for trouble.  As a Chiropractic Physician, I can't count the number of "Gym Workout Casualties" who come to my office -- often with irreparable damage caused by years of using machines.

Machine-based workouts often stress moving VERY SLOWLY.  Again, this type of motion has NO application to the real world.  Do you want to throw a slow-motion punch?  Or swing a slow-mo tennis serve?  What you really need is to teach your muscles how to explode, so you can move fast when it counts. Much of most advanced sporty physiology of the last few decades has been concentrating on how to develop the ability to move explosively with control.  You'll get that explosive power with Warrior P.T.

Machines cause Repetitive Motion Syndrome.  This is why even the aerobic machines are dangerous.  Your body was not made to do the same exact motion, the same stride, the same pedal, over and over again thousands of times. It DESTROYS your joints and tendons, eventually leading to nerve damage.  It also DEADENS your ability to control you muscles by putting your mind-body connection on auto-pilot.  Go for a run, take a walk, ride a real bike.  Negotiate bumps, cracks, and turns in the road -- each obstacle is a blessed relief from body-killing repetition you get from exercise machines.

Your body is NOT A MACHINE! So why try to make it act like one?

How do your exercises compare to Weight Training?
Sometimes it is the simple things that are the most powerful things.  You donít need complicated exercise sets and tons of weight to get in shape.  Iím not bashing weights as they have their place in the training arsenal of the combat athlete, but bodyweight exercises are far more healthy and VERY effective (especially the ones picked out just for this book).

What equipment do I need to do these workouts?
Unlike other exercise books which require that you have access to fancy equipment and expensive training devices, this book requires that you have access to just yourself and a little open space.  Most exercises in this book can be done in a kitchen, a bathroom, a basement, or a jail cell.  The exercises in this book are old school bodyweight conditioning exercises, which unfortunately have been forgotten over time by our society, which is so infatuated with personal appearances and gym memberships. 

What are people saying about WARRIOR P.T.?

Here are a just a few recent letters:

aIíve been training with Scott for the past several years in preparation for my competitive fights, and I must admit that the exercises he has put together in Warrior P.T. are very effective training tools from a fighterís perspective.  Old school bodyweight exercises like this should not be overlooked.  They are challenging and rewarding beyond most peoples expectations. 
-- Orlando ďManslaughterĒ Morazan Ė Amateur Shootfighter , Vallejo, CA 

aIt is working well. I have done my best to integrate your program into my routine. I thought I was in good shape already being a Marine. I was wrong. I have found that I have been stuck in the same workout routine for too long. I thought I could immediately start out with your more advanced workouts. Quickly I learned that I had to eat some humble pie. In the
 past month I have begun to re-discover long lost muscle groups. Every morning after a workout I find new welcome soreness. My body and joints feel stronger and more stable. Thanks for a great workout. I will keep in touch over the long term so you stay abreast of my more measurable fitness gains. Jumping rope is the hardest thing I have ever done. Thanks
 for a great product. Respectfully,  J. T.  USMA '04

aItís hard to find time to go to the gym sometimes with lifeís busy schedule, but Warrior P.T. gives me the opportunity to train anytime, anywhere.  I can easily finish a killer workout in less than 30 minutes.  This program is awesome.  Its one of the most efficient yet effective workout programs Iíve ever seen.  What use to take me 2 hours in the gym, now takes me 30 minutes and I feel great!  -- Omar LaTorre of San Jose, CA

aTwo years ago, I bought a program similar to this on the internet and paid over $200.  I just bought your book and DVD the other day for way less and found many of the same exercises plus many others I had not seen before.  The exercises are simple and build strength like no tomorrow!  Your program is a very good deal, and Iím glad I stumbled upon it from a friend. -- Keith Johnson of Houston, TX

aThanks for your program!  I find it a great addition to the regular running I do.  I have always enjoyed running, but your program has really helped me train my entire body and get into the best shape of my life.  Iím a 29 year old working mother of a three year old and find myself in better shape now than before my son was born. Your amazing exercises are quick to do (though not always easy).  When I finish, I know Iíve had a workout.  My whole body is sore, but in a good way.  Most people probably donít know these exercises are out there.  Thanks! -- Nora Venerio of San Francisco, CA  

aReceived your book and DVD. Great stuff and I will be incorporating these into my workouts. I am surprised at how fluid the movements are in the DVD with the skills and strength you have acquired through practice. I am in pretty good shape at 48 years old and workout hard 4-5 days a week but I can see that these will take me to another level. -- Craig Eastham

aI am a daily user of several of the exercises described in your book. I can attest that doing these freehand exercises is a workout. You don't need an expensive gym membership or any equipment to break a sweat doing them. My favorite ones are the hindu squats and mountain climbers. A person could get a lot out of doing just these two if they wanted to. -- John G. 

aI commission in December as a 2nd Lieutenant in the Infantry. I've been actively involved in my ROTC unit's PT program for several years, and I have gotten into a rut with the training we do. Most of it is straight out of the 21-20, so some amount of repetition in exercises is difficult to avoid. However, the Warrior PT exercises allowed me to spice up my routine a little, adding some variation from day to day. The added enjoyment pays dividends in my PT score as well. It has jumped 25 points in the few weeks since I started using the Warrior PT exercises. I've talked to several of my fellow cadets about this program, and they've been impressed with it, as well. I plan to take this with me and implement many of the exercises in my platoon once I am commissioned in December. Thanks. -- Respectfully, Aaron Malcolm

aI really liked Warrior PT, as a martial artist, fighter, and fitness enthusiast. The insight and philosophy along w/ the exercises was excellent. It really added a LOT to what I knew about fitness (moderate amount). I really liked the animal cardio section... but for the vast majority, EXCELLENT. I think it may be a step further towards my dreams of either military spec ops or mma fighting or both. God Bless Scott -- The Wolf



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